Massive bunnies saved from horrific experiments

Huge and amazing bunnies

When the Center for Animal Rescue learned that several bunnies were being imprisoned in unsuitable circumstances, the rescue team and police officers were sent to investigate the situation. The team arrived and were stunned by what they encountered.

Up to 47 rabbits were housed in tiny, claustrophobic cages in the most appalling conditions.

The rabbits, which were Flemish giants and weighed around 18 pounds each, were about the size of a medium-sized dog, like a spaniel.

It was clear that the rabbits were not being given any care, and their growth made them unfit for the meagre cages.

According to Trevor Walker, an inspector from the rescue centre, “These poor bunnies were living in crowded and filthy conditions which would have been quite unpleasant for them, especially in the heat.” Fortunately, a vet discovered that all of them were healthy, with one being now taking medication for weepy eyes and a cut on the back of his neck.

Fortunately, the bunnies only experienced minor problems and no serious harm. They are currently doing excellently in the rescue center’s care, and after they have all had a chance to settle in and decompress, they will all be made available for adoption.

Walker hoped that they would “find loving homes.” They have a pleasant temperament; therefore they’ll make good pets for companions.

These sweet giants are looking for their everlasting homes and are in need of love.

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