Meet the fluffy kitten who captured everyone’s attention with her distinctive looks

The fluffy kitten captured everyone’s attention

The two-faced cat with a mustache that comes from Thailand is described as

Her two-toned visage is actually the product of a rare natural phenomena called genetic chimerism, in which a single chromosome is made up of cells with various genotypes.

Due to the cat’s distinctive appearance, people immediately fell in love with her and asked her owner to publish more updates on her.

In order to find out more about the cat, we have gotten in touch with its owner, Eve, who resides in northeastern Thailand.

“The kitten, now 1.9 months old, was born on August 23, 2018. She is mixed Persian and Scottish ancestry. Eve clarified, but the kitten’s gray and white nose is what really stands out. The owner continued, “She reminds me of Harvey Dent from Batman.”

The male cat enjoys catching insects and playing with toilet paper. Because her pet becomes agitated whenever he sees the “toys,” Eva is forced to conceal the toilet paper.

Eva said that Cat would probably say, “Damn, send me some toilet paper if you really love me,” if she could speak.

You guys should probably make notes about that, I think.

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