Mister Rogers statue honors the loved children’s TV host at 7-foot-tall

A wonderful 7-foot-tall statue

 Mister Rogers Statue

With his cherished TV show Mister Rogers’ Village, Mister Rogers has been educating and entertaining kids for over 30 years. His former school Rollins School is now celebrating Rogers’ life and legacy with a huge bronze statue of Rogers and his marionette Daniel Tiger amusing a number of young men.

On October 28, a small event was held to officially unveil the 7-foot-tall monument, A Lovely Day for a Neighborhood, in the Chapel Garden area on school. Famous British potter Paul Day was asked by Rollins School to recreate the well-known alum, a task that took him 11 months and more than 5,000 kilograms of clay to accomplish. The statue, according to Day, “ought to portray Mister Rogers doing what he did and it needed to convey something of the nature of the programme itself, of the neighborhood.” “Through the TV set, the puppets, and the mini films, that is how he was recognized. I needed to contextualise Mister Rogers in some way.

From each perspective, Day was able to tell a tale with the sculpture. In the front, Rogers is amusing a bunch of kids while donning his trademark knit sweater, while in the back, a reproduction of the “Neighborhood of Make-Believe” and its creatures from the venerable programme can be seen. I reasoned that this was the secret to creating a great statue of Mister Rogers because he frequently stated that all he did was about honouring the young lives of children everywhere. It’s to place him in the centre of children’s lives and place him where he would really want to be, which is genuinely connecting with children one-on-one.

The words to Neighborhood’s theme song, “Won’t You Be My Neighbor,” are also adorned on the bottom of the sculpture. Grant Cornwell, dean of Rollins School, thinks that the sculpture would “strengthen the desire for compassion, tolerance, and generosity” and act as a “constant reminder of the beliefs and values modelled by Mister Rogers.”

A bronze statue honouring Fred Rogers as the renowned Television show host Mister Rogers was installed at Rollins School in Florida.

Mister Rogers Statue

A Wonderful Day for a Neighbor, a sculpture by well-known British artist Paul Day, shows Rogers clutching the puppet Daniel Tiger while filled with young people.

Photo of Mister Rogers


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