Mom does everything so that the child will be happy: she draws the same birthmark on her face as her son has

Carolina did everything to prove to others that her child is the same as everyone.

The boy Enzo is a little over a year old. When he was born, his mother, Carolina Giraldelli, was amazed-the baby had a huge birthmark on his face.

Later it turned out that Enzo had a congenital melanocytic nevus.

It itself is harmless, appears in the early stages of intrauterine development.

Everything was good, but the fact that her child looked with compassion was with contempt, and someone looked at him with disgust, the woman was very upset.

Carolina did everything possible to prove to others that her child is the same as everything that he is healthy and does not pose a threat to society.

The woman decided for herself: «From now on, I should become another person who will be much stronger, fearless and bolder.

A person who is ready to face all the obstacles that my son will have to face in the future».

To get an idea of what her baby will be in the future, she drew the same birthmark on her face and walked like that all day.

This experience gave him a lot of emotions: both positive and negative.

But his greatest emotion at that time was pride. She felt like the «most proud mother in the world».

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