Mom dolphin laments the loss of her cub

Mom dolphin and her cub

Michael McCartney noticed a silver flash in the water in front of him while canoeing along the Florida coast. A dolphin appeared to be cradling a little body.

Michael initially believed that the dolphin had captured a fish for dinner, but shortly a tragic scene came into view.

It took a minute or so for me to realize what was happening. The dolphin mother was really cradling and holding a dead dolphin above the water.

Michael seized his camera and started to document the depressing scene. Due to her anguish, the mother dolphin buried her face in her youngster.

She was lucky to not be alone. The devoted dolphin tried to reassure and safeguard her friend as they swam next to the perplexed mother. And more dolphins joined them in the northern part of the coastal canal.

The dolphin was hurt in a collision with a motor boat, it was discovered afterwards. The baby was probably grabbed by a propeller. Michael was familiar with this because he had spent the majority of his life on the ocean. The young man was recording a video in order to upload it online and alert people to this problem.

Michael warns everyone to exercise caution since just because dolphins swim quickly does not guarantee that a boat won’t strike them. The dolphins are most in danger because they frequently swim to the surface.

Mike uploaded this video on his channel in an effort to raise awareness of the problem.

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