Mom has golden hands. The woman remade the children’s room on her own and now this is a jungle

Inspired by the pictures, she decided to use improvised means.

36-year-old Becky Watts has two children who have long been asking for an unusual nursery for them.

But the woman had no money for large -scale repairs, therefore, inspired by pictures from the Internet, she decided to use improvised means.

«My children wanted a jungle style room, so I started with a set of boxes that the client gave me many years ago.

I painted it green and added gold pens», she says.

Then Becky bought blue paint for the walls and began to draw tiger stripes.

«I found a pattern with the tiger stripes that I liked in Google, and copied it.

Therefore, I just painted the wall white and painted the stains with the tip of the brush», the wife explains.

Becky ‘s youngest son loves pandas, and they were also present in the design of the room.

«I painted the beds in four different colors, because I was afraid that I didn’t have enough color, but there was no money to buy the second box».

«I chose a mustard color so that it looked like a leopard or giraffe», says Becky.

Then they painted a chest of drawers with toys, and the boxes under the bed were made from the drawers from the chest of drawers, which she once wanted to throw away.

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