Mother elephant made an effort to safeguard her young by avoiding tourists

Mother elephant safeguarded her young

Elephants are thought to be intelligent, sensitive creatures. They experience intense emotions and communicate them in a special way. They also have a great deal of curiosity and like to investigate the world around them.

The newborn elephant noticed a group of tourists in the park in this way and was curious about who they were and why they were there. He attempted to approach them and watch, but was unsuccessful. His mother had a different viewpoint. She kept her infant from getting too close to the gathering out of concern for his safety.

To keep her cub from approaching the croud, she hastily dragged him away. Don’t talk to strangers, she appeared to whisper in his ear. It was a pleasant and lovely time to wonder. It was a testament to the mother elephant’s unwavering love and concern for her youngster.

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