Moving images of animals who have found loving homes make their eyes glisten with joy

Wonderful pictures of animals

We, as humans, adore and love animals. We are unable to picture life without them because they improve it so much. However, it must be acknowledged that while we can live without our furry friends’ company, they may suffer a tragic fate in the absence of human involvement. Fortunately, there are kind people who rescue needy individuals from the streets or shelters, giving them a chance to not only survive but also to find a loving home.

Enjoy these heartwarming images of animals who have at last found a home and loving owner.

Just one hour separates the taking of these two pictures. Look how content they are after adoption!

Despite everything this puppy has gone through, he now appears to be completely at ease.

Kicking back with a new family.

“We clicked right away,” the owner says.

Adorable twin twins cuddling.

A stray dog in Bolivia that was protected by monks.

This rescued creature is now resting comfortably after having hernia surgery.

These pupils sparkle!

This puppy dozed out on the way home.

Two more adorable animals were content.

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