Musician playing harp in the woods is greeted by deer like character from a fairy tale

 A musician and a deer


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Публикация от Naomi SV (@_naomisv_)

Due to their reputation for timidity, deer are not frequently seen up close in the environment. One deer in particularly, though, was compelled to emerge from the woods as soon as it heard Naomi SV’s harmonica play. The inquisitive critter is seen moving in nearer to have a closer listen as the performer is recording herself performing a version of Simon & Garfunkel’s The Sound of Quiet.

The clip by Naomi SV supports the claims made in numerous research activities that some creatures love listening to the music. The baby deer is shown waggishly embracing Naomi as it slowly moves toward the camera. While this is happening, Naomi is totally oblivious of her secret admirer. The circumspect fawn approaches the guitarist from a distance of several meters while darting into the trees. The animal then suddenly moves, startling Naomi, who refuses to play her harp suddenly. She didn’t realise the magical situation had happened until she viewed the video. “A deer transformed my harp practise into a Disney film,” the gifted artist claims.

The Sound of Quiet by Simon & Garfunkel was covered by Naomi SV on harmonica, and the inquisitive deer emerged from the forest to take a hear.

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