Near her home, a British woman discovered an abandoned box containing two live surprises

A woman discovered a box with two animals

One morning, a British woman noticed a cardboard box near her home. Someone particularly placed it next to the front door. Within it, however, there were no kittens or puppies, but rather something far more unusual.

When the woman opened the box out of inquisitiveness, she discovered two grown-up ducklings within it. They appeared to be in good health, but were frightened. One was a little bigger than the other.

The woman was surprised to find disused ducklings (not even obviously wild or domestic) in a box near her home and had no concept who could have thrown them away. She dialled the Royal Society for the Protection of Animals in suprise (RSPCA).

Officer Sophie Jones responded to the call the same day and was astounded to see ducklings.

«I believe they are Hucky Campbell duck chicks, about 3 weeks old. They are still very small, and instead of feathers, they have fluff. As a result, they cannot live on their own and must be cared for. »

Sophie took the ducklings to the vet, who said they were perfectly healthy, and then Sophie gave the ducklings names, calling them Thelma and Louise. Ducklings are now being housed in an animal shelter until they reach adulthood. They will most likely be released into a pond after that.

Sophie believes the ducklings were kept as pets at someone’s home because there were no farms in the neighbourhood, but the man became dissatisfied with the hassle of caring for them and decided to abandon them.

«Little ducklings are very adorable and fluffy, but if you keep them in a downtown apartment, they grow rapidly and become totally unpredictable. You can’t train them to use the toilet like a cat, and someone is presumably tired of cleaning up after them and decided to shift the burden to others. »

RSPCA officers remind people that creatures are not toys, and if they want to maintain them at home, they must consider whether they will be able to properly care for pets.

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