Nine dog celebs who couldn’t live without their canine companion

Companion consists of 9 dogs

We all adore and even occasionally revere famous people, and we do so not only for their boundless skill but also for their selfless deeds and kind hearts. A person who loves dogs cannot by definition be a nasty person, thus who else than dog celebrities deserve respect from all people? Even celebrities with extremely busy schedules continue to keep their dogs at home and post adorable pictures of them together on social media, which makes people smile tenderly and immediately releases endorphins.

With his golden retrievers, Jackie Chan

Dachshund owner Emilia Clarke

David Beckham with his canine pals.

Sylvester Stallone’s furry crew of three.

Douglas, Drew Barrymore’s dog.

Including his wife, two dogs that he adopted from a shelter, and George Clooney.

Mickey Rourke with his numerous young pals.

The actress Katherine Heigl and her dog, which she acquired from a shelter.

With her pet, Sofia Vergara is seen wearing a nice coat.

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