Olivia Sievers, a flight attendant, adopted a homeless dog named Rubio, who fell in love with her

A girl adopted a homeless dog named, who fell in love with her

Olivia Sievers, a flight instructor in Germany, is a wonderful person who adores animals. Her flights frequently took her to Buenos Aires, where she had to spend 2 days in a guesthouse.

Olivia was walking toward her guesthouse one day when she noticed a stray dog in front of the hotel room door. She turned her head to this dog and fed him.

The dog seemed to form a relationship with the kind woman and started to wait for her at the entrance gate from that day forward. Olivia gave him the name Rubio. Rubio gladly rolled his eyes, lay down on one side, and decided to wait for Olivia to stroke his tummy.

Olivia avoided meeting the dog after that event since he always accompanied her. Rubio would obey Olivia out the door or stand in line for her outside the guesthouse anytime she left the house. He craved the focus he once received. Sometimes animals require love and affection.

Olivia continued to feed the dog because she realised she couldn’t avoid interacting him. She encased a blanket around him when it got cold.

Olivia had to fly to BA each 3 months. The guesthouse staff informed her that the dog had visited the hotel each day for months, looking forward to meeting her. Then he decided to wait for Olivia patiently.

Olivia requested that Rubio be taken in by a local shelter. They consented, but nothing came of it: Rubio fled from the sanctuary and returned to the guesthouse.

Olivia Sievers eventually chose to adopt the dog and bring him to Germany, where Rubio had a happy fresh start. The cheerful dog quickly adjusted to his new life of leisure and play.

He loved playing around the yard with his owner’s other dog. They often were taken to a nearby lake, where Rubio enjoyed watching the fish in the water.

Olivia accepted Rubio in 2016, transforming his life outside into a gorgeous one where he lives comfortably, soaking up the sun, the back garden, and the sweet residence. So an interaction, a very kind look, forever and connected two big hearts.

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