Out of trees that were destroyed by a storm, an artist creates a powerful dragon sculpture

A powerful dragon sculpture

Dragon Made of Wood from Storm by Marco Martalar

Italian artist Marco Martalar was inspired to create something lovely out of the wreckage caused by a strong thunderstorm. An gigantic dragon that sits atop a hill in Italy’s northern Trentino area has come to represent the might of Mother Nature. Martalar turned sadness into beauty by constructing the gorgeous creature from the hurricane’s broken branches.

2018 saw the Vaia storm wreak havoc in northern Italy. A huge tract of woodland was devastated by gusts of up to 125 miles per hour. The destructive storm, which was unparalleled, destroyed nearly 18,000 trees in Trentino alone. Martalar was profoundly impacted by Vaia, who altered his perspective of his work. He tells My Contemporary Met that “the style of artwork I was making before no longer made logic.” I then began repurposing the hurricane’s devastation into artwork.

The monster, which is situated at Lavarone on the Alpe Cimbra, has special importance. It serves as a symbol for the strength of environment and the consequences of disregarding the environment, according to Martalar. He planned the piece for ten days and worked on the sculpture on-site for one and a half months.

Martalar made several sculptures from the scrap wood, but he thinks the monster is his most impressive. And even if he’s gone on to other endeavours, his dragon has come to represent the area in some way. It serves as a reminder that we shouldn’t ever take for granted the force of Mother Nature as people pose with the monster and snap photographs of it blanketed in snow.

A massive dragon statue constructed of Vaia storm-damaged wood was built by Italian artist Marco Martalar.

Dragon Sculpture by Marco Martalar

In some areas of northern Italy, this hurricane in 2018 destroyed woods and killed over 18,000 trees.


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Martalar claims that the hurricane altered him as an artist, and he made the decision to make art out of the devastation it caused.

Marco Martalar Sculptor

His monster is a representation of the power of Mother Nature.

Wood Dragon Sculpture Under the SnowDragon Sculpture by Marco MartalarDragon Sculpture Made of Wood from Vaia Storm

The Vaia Dragon, which is located on Lavarone’s Alpe Cimbra, has emerged as a brand-new tourist attraction.


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