Parents construct a two-story Harry Potter playhouse in their backyard

Wonderful Harry Potter playhouse

This magnificent two-story Harry Potter-themed castle was created by grandparents in Ontario, Canada, as a gift for their grandkids.

The Hogwarts Castle structure, Ollivander’s Wand Shop, Platform 9 3/4, and Dursleys’ Privet Drive are all recreated in the two-story, 350 square foot Harry Potter playhouse.

The playhouse has been the main topic of conversation ever since it was revealed, and the degree of design is astounding.

Alongside a rickety walkway that leads to an owlery, there is a swing set, slide, and hidden entrance that are reminiscent of a broomstick.

There are owl-themed couches and a trunk drawer with “Amazing Creatures” inspiration within the central structure.

Pictures of numerous characters from the well-known series are plastered all over the walls, and there is a bed on the top level for sleepovers.

If the kids want to unwind in the playhouse throughout the wintertime, they even installed a warm fireplace.

The final piece was created by Alberta-based Charmed Playhouses over the span of 6 weeks, and the installation took an extra 3 days.

The cost of building this enormous playhouse was kept a secret by the family, but typical prices for similar structures range from $15,000 to $250,000.

It received exactly the response we had planned for. The second or third time our grandchild came out to play, she requested if she could go to “her home,” according to Dave Dunlop. Even after a month, she still spends some time in it whenever she goes outdoors.

He said, “Gram and her really like to have tea in the small kitchen and lose track of time. Whenever she uses the playhouse, you should see her face. We’re overjoyed about it.


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