People looked after this squirrel and allowed her to return to the wild, but when she was about to become a mother, she returned to them

Heart-breaking story about squirrel

When she was preparing to give birth, this wild squirrel clearly knew where to go. She never forgot the individuals who saved her and helped her escape, and she was confident that they would keep her unborn child safe.

In South Africa in October 2016, a young woman by the name of Serfontein discovered a newborn squirrel that had fallen from its nest on a blustery, chilly day. The squirrel squeaked and cried out for its mom, but she never showed up. Dingetjie was the name the girl gave the baby squirrel.

Serfontein was unsure of how to care for the baby squirrel and initially focused on keeping him warm out of concern that he wouldn’t survive the first night.

She was terrified in addition to being quite chilly. Her eyes hadn’t opened yet, and she was still a newborn. As soon as I warmed her up, she stopped squeaking.

Serfontein made the decision to nurse the squirrel with her partner Christophe, and they began to discover how to do it. They quickly read an enormous amount about feeding the squirrel and how to do it. It came out that the squirrel needed to be fed every few hours, as well as at night, with a specific milk formula.

I never imagined caring for a squirrel would be so challenging.

The squirrel could no longer sit in its cage after it opened its eyes and began to move. He adored the shoebox bed she built for him. Serfontein had to take him to work for 3 months while keeping him in a T-shirt or scarf in addition to that.

When the squirrel had fully matured, the girl understood that releasing it into the forests, where the wild animal would feel more at home, would be the wisest course of action. The girl’s residence was not far from the forest’s edge (it is a sizable Kruger reserve), so one day she and her boyfriend went there and let Dingetji go free.

The squirrel sat for a time before following her instincts and climbing a tree to hide in the undergrowth. This pleasant tale seems to have reached a satisfying conclusion. It wasn’t, though.

As it turned out, the squirrel had a good memory and quickly went back to her rescuers after remembering where their house was. She then took off running into the woods once more. After that, she returned once more. A few more times followed, and so it was. In the end, the girl and her boyfriend accepted that a squirrel could effectively live in two homes and started leaving a window partially open for him so that the squirrel could enter the house whenever it wanted.

It frequently occurred that Serfontein would discover a squirrel asleep on her blanket when she woke up in the morning.

She simply understood that we were both quite secure and at ease. Additionally, the Kruger Reserve is home to a variety of species, including predators.

Despite the fact that Dingetjee the squirrel had been released into the woods 6 months prior, Serfontein and her boyfriend observed one day during one of her trips that the animal had put on a lot of weight. Her stomach had become rounder.

We initially assumed that she was simply eating a lot. She could have been an adult, but we assumed that was a long way off. But it turned out to be nothing more than her being pregnant.

Dingetje began entering the house more frequently, and she then began constructing a nest in her desk drawer using toilet paper that had been ripped into tiny bits. Sadly, the baby was stillborn after she gave delivery. Serfontein experienced a huge misfortune, but she realised that the squirrel was most likely not pregnant because she was too young.

However, all proceeded well a year later when the squirrel rounded her sides once more and began constructing a nest in the box (again using toilet paper). Dingetji gave birth to a vigorous and healthy cub on April 24, 2018.

«Dingetji has such complete faith in us that she allows us to hold and touch her infant. She is a fantastic mother and highly intelligent.

The girl explains, “The relationship we have with a squirrel is really difficult to explain, but it’s the most amazing thing that has ever happened in my life.”


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