Pit bull who was homeless bravely protected a victim from a thief. But regrettably, he was harmed

A pit bull and a  thief

Dogs are good defenders by nature and are constantly prepared to help their owner.

But what happens if a dog is abandoned?

Today, we’ll tell you about a real hero who was homeless and lived on the streets of Bulduin, Georgia.

One day, this stray pit dog just so happened to be present as a vicious man attacked a woman in the street. The dog quickly defended the stranger, but the man was holding a knife.

Unfortunately, the attacker stabbed the dog five times during the struggle. The dog was already bleeding and in a very critical condition when Sergeant Timothy Clay and Officer Daniel Sealy from the police arrived. The woman who had been protected by the pit bull recounted the situation in detail and how the dog had helped.

The woman that the dog saved, Carla Welch, paid for all the medical costs. And after the dog was released, she brought him home. Hero was unable to live with her due to specific circumstances, so she actively started looking for a family to adopt him. As it turned out, several people were interested in “adopting” the pit bull. Soon Sarah and David Simpson took him. They are now content because a true Hero now lives close by.




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