Plastic means nothing: Armenian Gucci model has become a real celebrity in her homeland

This beauty gained wide popularity after participating in the Gucci fashion show.

Popular designers as well as photographers have become attached to Armine’s natural attractiveness, admiring her perfect “wrong” features.

The 24-year-old girl became popular after participating in the aforementioned show, becoming a real celebrity in her homeland. However, not everyone appreciated Harutyunyan’s beauty.

The picture of the model was clearly not liked by some Internet users. “Is she really considered attractive?”, “Fine”, “Why did I look at her pictures? Now I won’t sleep”, “She seems to believe in her uniqueness”, “Stop, I’ll go down”, “What’s so beautiful about her?” Internet users commented.

However, there were also enthusiastic comments: “Charming”, “Our pride”, “Unique girl”, “But real”, “Charming”.

What do you think? How do you like the new shots of the model?

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