Poor zoo imprisons cats and dogs in Saudi Arabia

Zoo imprisons cats and dogs

Colleen Hegarty was in Bahrain, a tiny country off the coast of Saudi Arabia, on a Fulbright scholarship. She had no idea that she would end up bringing a dog to her home in Florida, because there is a horrific zoo in Arabia where both dogs and cats are housed alongside wild animals that are caged.

During her ten-month stay in Bahrain, Colleen came upon Cooper, a tiny dog in the most unexpected location. Late in April 2016, I learned about this zoo, Colleen stated.

“When I first visited the zoo, I was horrified to discover that animal abuse had completely become accepted, and visitors were not only having fun but also deteriorating the conditions of the animals by beating them in their cages, hurling trash at them, and provoking them by poking sticks through them. “Out of the cages,” she said.

People were most shocked to learn that cats and dogs were housed in cages at the Arman Zoo among baboons, alligators, and other creatures.

The cats were starving, hanging to the cage walls, with clearly visible ribs, according to Colleen, who also noted that they were underweight.

In an effort to avoid drawing attention, large breed dogs hid behind the backs of their cages.

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