Really beautiful story: this caring brother’s behavior immediately made everyone smile

A boy in black shawls hugs his sister and leads her through a puddle.

We know that there are many things that can be said about birth order and actions, so it could be that this small child is the eldest in his family. He may already be exhibiting typical dapper Texas demeanor.

Another possibility is that he is just taking care of his sister for years. Anyway, this poor girl was saved by a 6-year-old boy!

The situation was captured on film camera. Congratulations mom! Misbehavior is usually noted, but it is much better for children to point out and encourage positive behavior.

Little Miss, wearing a colorful dress on a cloudy day, is very worried about the possibility of her shoes getting wet.

They look like spectacular gladiator-style strappy sandals, so that’s certainly not an option!

Miss Madison talks about the obvious. It’s too good that she wants to take care of her shoes.

Luke in black shadow hugs his sister and leads her through the puddle. When he stops crying, everything is fine.

Madison would like to say “thank you” as a less deserving man might expect more gratitude.

Regardless, it’s okay for him. He just does what a big brother should do. They create a great bond and have a good relationship. Their mother brings them up to the highest degree.

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