Rescued cats become this pianist’s most ardent supporters

Cats and pianist

Turkish pianist Sarper Duman is passionate about both music and cats.

He has nine cats in his home, all of which he personally saved. Now, in addition to being his pals, the furballs are also his most ardent supporters.

Sarper’s four-legged fans became accustomed to his schedule of working during the day and studying music at night.

They all enter the owner’s room later in the evening when they hear music playing, surround the musician, and take in the show.

Sarper is incredibly appreciative of the warm reception she has received. There is no doubt that the man loves his animals very much because he refers to them as “kings,” “queens,” “angels,” and his “heart.”

One of his fluffy companions is unique in that he is blind. Sarper leans her against the window, and the two of them sit there for a while while they take in the fragrances of the flowers and the summer rain as well as the sounds that are all about them. It soothes the cat and gives the musician inspiration.

He occasionally gets musical and writing assistance from his pets.

We wish their adorable family all the best because it appears that they coexist in perfect peace.


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