Rescuers were shocked to discover a severely malnourished puppy concealing a valuable object

A severely malnourished puppy

Lollie was incredibly thin and severely dehydrated when she was found living in a shed. Given that she was hiding something very vital to herself, she was far smaller than any canine should be.

Eight puppies had just been born to Lollie.

Poor Lollie was incapable of providing for her puppies, at least not by herself. They were all fortunately taken in by rescuers from the RSPCA Cotswolds Dogs & Cats Home, who started working right away to restore their health.

Lollie seemed quite joyful when she and her babies were ultimately saved. She could relax a little as her rescuers worked to make sure she and her family had all they needed.

The puppies’ rescuers gave them the names Ben, Jerry, Calippo, Chupa, Rocket, Whippy, Vimto, and Zap. Lollie is growing stronger and bigger every day, and so are her rescuers, who are fighting to get her back to a healthy weight.

Lollie is consuming a specific diet in order to put on weight and develop her muscles. The family is doing well as a whole.

When they are all healthy enough, Lollie and her puppies will put themselves up for adoption, and they will all find the perfect forever homes. Everyone is interested to see how well they do going forward as they are currently enjoying receiving a lot of love and attention from their rescuers.


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