Sables were not turned into fur coats because the girl saved the animal and described what it was like to have such a unique pet

Having such a unique pet

Different methods are used by pets to reach their owners; some really save the animals from an unpleasant fate. Umora, a sable, was intended to be turned into a fur coat, but she was fortunate enough to be purchased by Zhenya.

Uma and her two sisters lived in a cage and were born on a fur farm.

Fortunately, Zhenya, her owner, was able to purchase the cat in 2018.

Since then, Umora has been entertaining her Instagram fans while residing in an apartment.

The owner of the sable discusses how to care for such an odd pet on her page.

It was difficult at first with Uma.

She bit, fled, avoided contact, and attempted to take over the apartment on her own.

But after more than a year of painstaking instruction, Uma significantly increased her knowledge.

Uma is incredibly frugal and takes everything that is placed in her path.

The sable is also jittery in response to noises and unnatural movements.

Uma stands out for her impeccable cleanliness in addition to her wonderful sweetness and fluffiness.

Sables, in Zhenya’s opinion, are amazing creatures.

Consider whether you have the patience to deal with these fluffy scoundrels before rushing to save the sables from their unfortunate situation.


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