Sculptor Lorenzo Quinn on using art to spread a positive message [podcast]

Positive art message via podcast

Sculptor Lorenzo Quinn at Work

Lorenzo Quinn has dazzled the globe with his imaginative paintings for more than 30 years. Quinn has created works all throughout the world, from gigantic public art to artworks that defy gravity. Quinn joins us this week on the My Contemporary Met Top Artist Show to discuss all from coming of age in a talented family to why he decides to concentrate on good messaging in his artwork.

In addition to discussing what it was like to start growing up with his renowned dad, actor Anthony Quinn, Quinn also discusses the benefits and drawbacks of growing up in a prosperous home. He also talks about his personal artistic process and the inspirations he uses to come up with his amazing artworks.

We also discuss a few of Quinn’s most well-known pieces of artwork. This contains his imposing statue Support on the Grand Canal in Venice and also his most recent work at the Great Pyramids. In this in-depth discussion, he explains why he thinks it’s crucial to convey a good signal via art and why hands have evolved into a sign he uses to convey oneness. You won’t want to miss this discussion as we end out this season that is all about effect.

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Lorenzo Quinn is an artist noted for his large-scale works.

Forces of Nature by Lorenzo QuinnBuilding Bridges by Lorenzo Quinn

Quinn places a premium on the message that his art conveys to the public.

Support by Lorenzo QuinnLorenzo Quinn at the Great Pyramids

Source: Mymodernmet

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