Seven lives were saved by a woman by saving one

A woman saved 7 lives

No such thing as a coincidence exists. We’re going to tell you a tale of Lauren Maners today—a person who, by saving just one life, ended up saving seven.

After having her prenatal scan, the story’s protagonist was one day going home when she spotted a thin, worn-out cat by the side of the road.

She decided to take it home because she couldn’t help herself. Since Lauren was about to give birth and already had a lot on her plate, her husband tried to persuade her not to do this. Lauren, though, believed that the encounter with the cat had a purpose.

It was discovered that the cat was also pregnant after a few days! Dove, as she came to be known, received a lot of love and care, her health became better, and the vet predicted that labour would start soon. The most of her time was spent with her new companion.

Dove remained at home when it was finally time for Lauren to visit the hospital.

After safely bringing Kylie into the world, Lauren’s husband informed her that Dove had also given birth the following day.

No one was able to determine the precise time because of the commotion, but Lauren is certain that she and Dove both gave birth at the same moment. Fortunately, all of this family’s offspring—one female and six male kittens—were born in good health. In order to be a friend of Kylie, Lauren chose to leave one white cat alone while finding new homes for its brothers.

It wasn’t simple for a lady who was about to give birth to care for a sick stray cat, but Lauren Maners took the risk and wouldn’t trade it for anything.

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