She is 22, and her husband is 35 years older: the girl said why she chose this old man in the grooms

This decision caused such active criticism from relatives and friends.

A 22-year-old student, without much doubt, chose a man of 35 years older in her grooms.

This decision caused such active criticism from relatives and friends that the girl had to record a whole video and honestly show why she was going to marry him.

Brightney met James in a casino. The man noticed her when at the end of the party a beautiful student ordered 9 sandwiches, which, of course, is not so usually for a casino.

James invited the girl to have breakfast in another place, and the student agreed.

The man took Brightney to a good restaurant, was polite and seemed to be able to win the girl’s heart.

Brightney agreed to the second meeting, after which everything grew into a full -fledged relationship.

To date, the couple has been meeting for 14 months, although he is constantly faced with criticism.

«They say I chose James because of money. Well, yes, he gave me Maserati, but that’s the point. I like James as a person, this is the main thing!» – says Brightney.

James is also sure that the student chose him because of personal qualities.

The man does not deny that he provides the chosen one with money. But he considers it completely natural.

However, the disapproval of the daughters gives James a little inconvenience. Both believe that Brightney attracted exclusively money.

In the near future, the couple is going to get married. It is unlikely that they will be able to stop the disapproval of friends and relatives.

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