She is really already 50: the beautiful Vanessa Paradis surprised all the fans with her transformation

A woman can look charming only when she is genuinely happy.

Vanessa Paradis is perhaps the only one who does not resort to the services of a plastic surgeon and, in her opinion, the main thing is to age beautifully and naturally. True, Vanessa does not look like her colleagues with an abundance of makeup on her face, but she is very natural and practical. However, the artist’s latest release surprised even loyal fans.

The woman was dressed in simple jeans, a shirt and a mesh tunic, but she looked flawless. The make-up was also very light, but Paradis shone with joy and freshness. Many believe that a woman is so happy thanks to her three-year marriage to a writer that, as they say, a woman can only look charming when she is genuinely happy.

Looking at Vanessa, can you tell that she is 50?

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