Strange botanical sculptures made of thousands of porcelain shards

Wonderful botanical sculptures made of shards

Ceramic Sculptures by Zemer Peled

Zemer Peled is an artist who makes something complete out of broken items. Hundreds of broken pieces of ceramic are used to create her porcelain artworks of plant-like critters. The compositions have an unearthly allure thanks to their captivating mix of hues, textures, and shapes. This kind of seductive beauty is particularly apparent in her In Eden series, whose works have an enticing warmth to them thanks to tropical greens, pinks, and oranges. However, they also have a protective aspect, with needles that resemble porcupine lines covering the entirety of their surfaces.

The two aspects of Peled’s work frequently conflict with one another. When we encounter this substance in another state, she claims, “the connection of ceramic with grace, elegance, and civilisation is turned on itself.” Her work has a “viciousness” to it because of how it has been dispersed throughout. “A whole from the fragments is reconstructed when seen in the natural shapes of Peled’s constructions, this time removed from its original setting of tidiness, history, and culture, but yet united by an overall coherence of motion and arrangement.”

To view the In Eden details, scroll to the bottom. To find out what Peled is working on next, join her on Insta.

Zemer Peled fashioned ceramic pieces from countless pieces for her collection In Eden.

Porcelain Sculptures by Zemer PeledPorcelain Sculptures by Zemer PeledCeramic Sculptures by Zemer PeledCeramic Sculptures by Zemer PeledCeramic Sculptures by Zemer PeledCeramic Sculptures by Zemer Peled

View the remarkable detail up close in the clip below:


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