Strong sculptures made of bronze and glass depict the consuming battles of alcoholism

Sculptures made of bronze and glass

Conceptual Sculpture by Thomas Lerooy

In his intriguing abstract artworks, Belgian artist Thomas Lerooy blends the ages-old materials of silver and glassware. Speaking in Tongues and You Were On My Thoughts are both pieces of frameless art that were produced in 2014 and displayed at Glasstress in 2015, a side exhibition of the La Biennale di Venezia. According to Lerooy, “makers aim to produce the finest work they can.” “When something doesn’t work, you can be extremely furious and throw it in the bin, but sometimes you might gaze at it again and find it to be very lovely. That was the initial thought process behind these 2 statues. That this kind of devastation has elegance in my opinion.

Lerooy draws inspiration from the history of traditional metal sculpting in his works. Speaking in Tongues features a shaky masculine figure with glass bottles poking through him as his oozing bronze torso fills the space. According to Lerooy, she intended to make a sculpture with a traditional influence that appeared to be almost inebriated. “I enjoy the concept of an emerging artwork inside the other artwork. I therefore cut holes in the body and set bottles in to give the impression that the body is leaking in some way. The connection between such a person and alcohol intake seems to be the focus of the conceptual piece. He adds, “I believe the concept that he is wearing the issue is quite wonderful. “It almost seems like a glass tree.”

Comparable to this, You Were On My Thoughts shows a head locked within a glass jar while an unconnected arm pours a huge bottle of juice on its skin. For this carvings, Lerooy suggests, “I would want to use a big, great arm in the style of the classical period.” “I wished to ‘drink the entire figure,’ as the saying goes. Normally, your brain directs your arm, but in this artwork, the arm is consuming both the entire body and head. The sculpture’s creator carved the man’s open-mouthed face inside an actual champagne glass. The use of both harsh and delicate components, bronze and glass, is what appeals to me about this artwork.

Incredible abstract artworks by Belgian artist Thomas Lerooy utilize the traditional materials of glass and silver.

Conceptual Sculpture by Thomas LerooyConceptual Sculpture by Thomas LerooyConceptual Sculpture by Thomas Lerooy

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