Stunning ocean phenomenon is captured by camera moments later

Dolphin forms a circle in the sand

Dolphins never seem to lose their upbeat demeanor, which is probably why we adore them so much because they serve as a constant reminder of the value of playtime. But despite how wonderful and entertaining these animals seem on the outside, there is another aspect of them that we prefer not to consider. It doesn’t help that nature documentaries don’t include this aspect of their lives. This eye-opening video clip reveals what our mammalian cousins get up to when they’re not being cute and cuddly. There’s a secret brewing beneath the surface of dolphin-ville.

Most of us don’t pay much notice to this truth of dolphin life: they must eat. Dolphins are hand-fed when they are in a sea park, but when they are out in the wild, they must find their food the old-fashioned way by hunting for it. However, bottlenose dolphins have discovered that it’s actually much simpler to give up the chase than it is to stalk their prey stealthily like a lion or wolf. They devised an ingenious scheme that allows food to be delivered right into their adorable little maws when these snarky little tricksters put their bottle noses together.

The dolphin in the video below initially appears to be acting strangely. She’s swimming in a circle, her tail flapping against the bottom of a small sea bed. The ring of silt and mud that the intelligent child dug up, though, isn’t just for fun; it’s actually a constructed fishing net! After she has set her amusing little trap, she leaves the task to the helpless fish. See why dolphins are the masters of meal preparation in the video below. Talk about getting the day’s freshest “catch”!

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