Sweet scene: a bear cub found a toy bear and joyfully bathes like a small child

They need to be protected, they are kinder than a person.

Bear cubs are so charming that many children adore Teddy’s bear, and even this toy also loves their prototype!

Recently, a video of a sweet bear, joyfully playing with her toy friend, conquered many people with her attractiveness.

But little is known about the plight of this bear and the difficult past that he has to survive. Tamarak, a bear cub, or, fortunately, escaped a forest fire in Northern California, although his paws were burned in fire, and it was difficult for him to survive in the wild. .

But Tamarack surpasses all expectations; Despite the past trials, he never gives up and becomes stronger and stronger!

A charming video clearly shows that the orphaned cub covered his grief. Tamarak jumped into a large puddle to swim, and he was not alone. Tamarak was holding a figure of a toy bear, which he seemed to find and made friends.

Tamarak really values his only friend!

Many people expressed their admiration for the development of a teddy bear and hope that he will always have fun and leave many memories with his charming toy friend!

Wow, such a cute video!

So glad that everything is so good for him! I like to watch how they play!

This is amazing. Bear and his friend bathe !!

How cute it is … He must find comfort in his toy, they also have emotions

Many qualities that we consider human are actually inherent in mammals. This bear remembers what was with his mother.

God forbid Tamarak is a healthy, happy, long and beloved life

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