Taiwan is home to leopards that were thought to be extinct after being last observed in 1983

Taiwan is home to leopards

A rare variety of leopard that will win your heart is the formosan clouded leopard!

They were even believed to be endangered because they hadn’t been spotted since 1983.

Numerous efforts were made by zoologists to locate one leopard in Taiwan, but they were unsuccessful.

Since they couldn’t find this rare and gorgeous leopard, they declared it extinct.

Leopards known to be extinct who were last seen in 1983 are alive in Taiwan

However, numerous people have reported seeing them wandering around in Taitung County, Taiwan.

Two sightings of a pack of Formosan clouded leopards hunting goats were now found by the rangers.

The locals were greatly surprised by the news, and they are now making every effort to put a stop to hunting there.

They want to stop strangers from going leopard.

Leopards known to be extinct who were last seen in 1983 are alive in Taiwan

We should value these species. They are lovely and amazing.

Locals are also working to halt logging and other human activities that could harm the environment.

The fact that the rangers failed to discover these animals for 20 years is due to their reputation for being extremely busy and vigilant.

Everyone should be happy to hear about the Formosan clouded leopard because the planet is currently experiencing its sixth mass extinction of both plants and animals.


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