That’s what the famous Keanu Reeves wrote: people talk about the farewell letter of the actor

This letter from famous actor Keanu Reeves blew up the Internet.

Keanu Reeves is rightfully considered one of the most kind-hearted and “ordinary” celebrities in the world. Neither honor nor wealth could change his personality.

Over the years of his blossoming career, he remained the same ordinary and regal guy who was at the very beginning of his professional path.

This letter from Keanu Reeves blew up the internet:

“Do you see people behind me?” Everyone is rushing to work, not caring about anything. Sometimes the everyday way of life attracts us so much that we do not stop even for a minute to enjoy the charm of life. We turn into real zombies.

Raise your head and look around. Greet a passer-by or hug someone who feels awful. Try to help someone. Live as if this is your last day.

A few people remember that a few years ago I was in deep depression. I never spoke about it.

I had to find a way to overcome this. And I understood. The person who didn’t make me happy is only me.

Every day we live is priceless. Let’s treat this fact accordingly. There is no guarantee that tomorrow will happen, so start living today!

I wish this post would at least give you a little love these days! I say goodbye to you”.

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