The 11-year-old child put his life in danger to save the helpless puppy

The 11-year-old child saved the helpless puppy

The kindness and desire to help others transcend age, as 11-year-old Jean Fernandes demonstrated. He once saw a helpless dog sobbing in the middle of the street as he was making his way home. After the unlucky animal was struck by a car, the driver fled the scene.

The boy, who was otherwise apathetic, determined to save him. He approached the dog, grabbed him in his hands, and carried him away while taking a life-threatening risk.

Local cameras caught the adorable event, and the images quickly went viral. Many people were impressed by the boy.

The boy’s mother claimed that her kid loved animals and was always willing to lend a hand to those in need.

He truly is a hero and his deed is priceless.

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