The 110-ton “bean” sculpture near chicago’s cloud gate

Amazing 10 ton “bean”

Cloud Gate Chicago

The 110-ton, elliptical artwork Cloud Gate, made of extremely polished steel plates, was influenced by flowing mercury. Anish Kapoor, an internationally known British sculptor of Indian descent, created the Cloud Gate, a major tourist destination in the center of Chicago. Its reflective surface mirrors the clouds overhead as well as the city’s iconic skyline. Guests are greeted by a 12-foot-tall arch that serves as a kind of gate and leads them into the curved room beneath the artwork.

This artwork, which is sometimes called “The Bean” due to its resemblance in form, was Kapoor’s first ever outdoor permanent public art piece in the U.s. With dimensions of 66 feet long by 33 feet high, it is one of the biggest ever continuous outdoor public art and is frequently referred to as the designer’s most well-known pieces.

Find out more about the Cloud Gate, one of Chicago’s most well-known landmarks.

Cloud Gate Infographic

Source: mymodernmet

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