The 12-year-old boy’s dog had to go to the shelter because he had to do it to save the animal

 The 12-year-old boy’s dog

In a few instances, the callous owners will simply discard the adorable animals. Others are compelled to give up their beloved dogs in order to improve their quality of life, while others simply abandon them carelessly. This tale is especially amazing because it features a 12-year-old child as the hero who made the torturous decision to surrender his dog to a shelter.

The personnel at the Xollin animal shelter spotted a package in front of the door and were horrified to see a grey puppy inside with a message. They were in tears because the text was so moving and heartbreaking. Andres, the poor dog’s 12-year-old owner, was forced to take that action to shield his beloved pet from his father. The vicious man battered the helpless creature. His tail was hurt because of how roughly he was treated. The kind-hearted child then made the decision to defend his kind pet from his harsh father. The adorable animal would be in wonderful hands in this way. In his parting remarks, he mentioned that he had left a toy with his pet so that he would always remember his owner.

Everybody was deeply moved. How could the tiny person have loved his pet so much that he took such drastic measures to save himself in order to save his cute one? The staff adopted the puppy and gave him the name Rene. They shared his heartbreaking tale on their page and noted that he had to go through a protracted rehabilitation process before he was fit for adoption.

Rene discovered his forever home a few weeks after his recovery. He was adopted by a loving and caring family, but he will never forget his incredible owner who assisted him and kept him out of a dangerous situation.

This tragic tale demonstrates the genuine love and dedication a young boy had for his adorable puppy. He provided him the opportunity to live a better, more contented life.

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