The 75-year-old artist alters bushes in honour of his adorable kitty

75-year-old artist and his arts

75-year-old artist Richard Saunders produced incredible surreal pictures of his lovely kitty. In doing so, he honours his incredible friend who passed away years ago by showing his love and unwavering dedication. In the photographs, plants resembling the adorable kitten are used in place of the real-world bushes.

The artist claims that he was creating these pictures when his dear friend was still alive. It was purely amusing. However, he began to do it after the cat passed out in honour of and in memory of his amazing buddy.

He shared the photos on Facebook, where they received thousands of views. People started to appreciate and spread the adorable pictures, empathising with him as a result.

The images are truly amazing. They appear so exciting and real. Such beauty can be admired by everyone.

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