The adorable companion teddy bear makes the orphan pony feel at ease

Teddy bear makes the orphan pony feel at ease

It is a sweet idea to put a staffed toy to sleep with the kids so they won’t be afraid of the dark or anything else. But it’s intriguing that animals as well as humans have such a pleasant and practical behaviour. When they experience fear or confusion, they also require protection and comfort.

One of those sweet creatures that his mother abandoned and denied the love and attention he desired is this young pony. He was abandoned by his mother when he was a newborn infant and later discovered there by himself. He was consequently sent right away to an animal shelter, where the workers gave him exceptional care.

The young creature was fed and cared for there, but he still wanted more! He felt a lack of love and affection from his mother. He required a companion who would make him feel safe and secure. To ensure that the adorable pony wouldn’t feel lonely, the staff came up with the idea of placing a large teddy bear in his enclosure. And it ended up being a great answer. Because the employees were unable to be with the animal constantly, he had this adorable toy as a companion. Warm and contented, he was sleeping with it in his arms. For him, being with this magnificent human was a real joy.

The sweet creature started to become more animated and playful. With his dependable companion by his side, he felt content and happy. Everyone was happy to see how much he had changed. For the other animals in the shelter, the staff has also chosen to try this charming technique.

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