The amazing puppy was discovered alive in the ocean after 5 weeks of searching

Wonderful puppy was discovered in the ocean

A brave German Shepherd named Luna was believed to be lost at sea but was miraculously rescued alive in this incredible tale.

Luna unexpectedly fell into the ocean while riding on a fishing boat with her owner Nick. For Nick and the others, it was extremely awful. They started looking for her, but in vain. For her owner, the adorable dog’s disappearance was extremely upsetting. For over a week, he and the Navi staff searched for her, but they found no trace of her.

However, Nick was confident that his pet had made it to the shore because she was a strong swimmer. The rescuers searched all over but were unable to locate her. The poor dog was thus assumed to be missing.

Luna was discovered, however, on San Clemente Island, in a Navy-owned training facility, where there are no domestic animals, after 5 weeks. However, the crew members were happy to greet the cute animal, who was sitting by herself on the coast. Finding the courageous dog again after such a long time was truly fantastic.

Nick was utterly ecstatic to see his darling pet once more. It was thought that she had swum to the beach and had survived by eating some animals. She underwent a vet examination and was found to be in perfect health. However, she was genuinely worn out and overwhelmed. Above all, Luna was overjoyed to see her master and to be reunited with him.

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