The amusing elephant deftly scales a five-foot wall to get a mango

The amusing elephant did everything to get a mango

Elephants are not commonly recognised for being agile creatures, despite having a reputation for being highly intelligent creatures. At least we were aware of it! New video, however, demonstrates the speed at which even the largest terrestrial animal on Earth can move.

Visitors to Mfuwe Lodge in Zambia’s South Luangwa National Park experienced something amazing and incredibly entertaining. A five-foot wall was carefully scaled by an adult elephant in order to take some mangoes from a safari resort. Even with his exquisite moves, the giant’s presence was noted.

According to Ian Salisbury, general manager of Mfuwe Lodge, “He just chose the most direct way and felt at home.” The thought of an elephant climbing pleased the guests much. They were astounded that the elephant chose to scale such an enormous wall. He was unknown to us.

He desired to investigate. He desired to reach the centre, where this large mango tree is located.

Although they normally select another route, elephants frequently visit the mango trees close to the safari resort in search of mangoes. Mango season runs from October to December, as is obvious. The unexpected visitor therefore showed up a bit late!

All park guests enjoyed the elephant’s appearance. He arrived, stretched, took a few steps, looked about, and ate some grass before making an odd turn and leaving the same way. Ian found this amusing. He found scaling a tall wall to be the fastest method. A highly unusual behaviour would be for an elephant to climb to that height.

Andy Hogg, the CEO of Bushcamp, which manages the resort, amazingly managed to get a picture of this amusing episode so that we could all appreciate the comical elephant!

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