The biggest LEGO wooden roller coaster ever built uses 90,000 toy bricks

The biggest LEGO made of 90,000 toy bricks

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Tomá Kapak (also known as Chairudo), a lEGO artist, calls himself a “kid that never grew up.” He loves LEGO, just like many children (and adults), but he’s fortunate to be able to make a living out of what he loves. He has been using the plastic bits to craft amazing artworks for years, and his most recent work is no exception. He used LEGO to build the biggest wooden-style roller coaster in the world, and it works extremely!

The El Toro rollercoaster ride at Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson, New Jersey served as the inspiration for Chairudo’s LEGO roller coaster. El Toro is not for the faint hearted; it has the scariest fall of any wooden coaster in America, measuring 176 ft (53 metres) at an angle of 76 degrees. The tiny version of the twisting building composed by Chairudo is equally as stunning as the original.

Just under 90,000 LEGO components were utilized by Chairudo to build his creation. It is 6.5 metres (21 ft) long, 1.2 metres (3.9 feet) broad, and 1.4 metres tall (4.5 feet). The real El Toro is about 1,200 meters long (3,937 feet) and 60 meters high; it also has 26 metres (85 feet) of track (196 feet). Even more of the fairground’s features, like a “snail ride” and a rotating wheel, have been replicated by the artist using LEGO. Is there ever a finer moment to be a LEGO action figure? wonders Chairudo. We desire to be small enough just to board a vehicle!

Here is a video of Chairudo’s LEGO rollercoaster ride.

With LEGO, artist Tomá Kapa (a.k.a. Chairudo) built the biggest wooden-style coaster ever.

LEGO Rollercoaster

It is modeled after the actual El Toro ride at Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson.


The smaller version of Chairudo is 6.5 metres (21 ft) long and made of 90,000 LEGO pieces.


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