The birthday of this cute elephant which is one-year old, and he celebrates by playing football

A meeting that proves that everyone in the UK, including elephants, love football.

When the elephant in the ZSL Whipsnade Zoo in London, England, turned a year, the guardians gave her a set of football balls.

Because football (football in Europe) is the most popular sport in the United Kingdom.

Therefore, the zookeepers expected that the little calf Elizabeth would like to play football, and they were not disappointed!

Despite the fact that the balls were more like balls for exercises than football balls, the baby Elizabeth showed herself a very competent player, but rather selfish.

Football is a team sport, but a charming baby and her herd are not part of it.

Moreover, she simply grabbed both goals herself and demonstrated her abilities with her legs and even a body.

A funny meeting was recorded on the film that it proves that everyone in the UK, including elephants, love football!

«We thought that Elizabeth would definitely appreciate his birthday gifts.

This gives great pleasure and excitement, at the same time making it extremely busy», said Zoo caretaker Mark Howes.

«She clearly has a joyful feature of football dribbling, she behaves with the ball naturally!»

A gift for Elizabeth was carefully chosen by its educators, who helped the calf to develop mobility and speed.

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