The brave dog saved his owner from a poisonous snake

The dog saved his owner from a snake

Paula Godwin of Arizona went for a walk in the suburban areas with her golden retriever doggie Todd in June.

Todd spotted something and jumped ahead of the hostess, trying to shield her feet with him. It was a sunny summer day, and Paula was walking recklessly along the street. Then something grey leapt from the grass at the dog.

The puppy had seen a rattlesnake, and the snake would have bitten Paula’s leg if he hadn’t guarded her with himself. So, the snake bit the puppy on the cheek, which rapidly swelled as a result of the bite.

Paula took Todd to the vet hospital after the incident, where he was investigated and told that his life was not in danger and that he would recover soon. That night, Paula posted photos of Todd with a swollen cheek on Fb, writing that the brave puppy had saved her life.

Todd’s story and pictures spread rapidly throughout all social networking sites and sites, becoming “popular.” People admired the dog’s bravery and courage.

It’s great that the brave dog risked his life to save his kind owner, demonstrating that he’s the one she can confidence and rely on.

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