The bull has lived his entire life in captivity; it is lovely to imagine the moment of his emancipation

The bull has lived the whole life in captivity

The bull, who has spent his entire life chained up, is finally set free in the heartbreaking video. It’s difficult to put this moment into words. But we should all be considerably more concerned with the welfare of agricultural animals, such pigs and cattle, and pay them more care!

Every state has laws against animal abuse, but practically none of them protect farm animals, according to a statement made by Rolling Stone. Nevertheless, there are still a lot of kindhearted individuals prepared to do anything they can to assist these helpless farm animals.

This time, a group of concerned individuals succeeded in freeing a bull that had been chained up his entire life after an enormous effort. When the bull, known as Bandit, realized he was finally free, he reacted in the most amazing way and jumped for joy. Over 30 million people have watched this video since it was uploaded several years ago by the German YouTube account Gut Aiderbichl.

The bull starts to express emotion as soon as a volunteer from the shelter walks inside the stable where Bandit stayed. The bull starts to tenderly lick the man’s hand after exchanging eyes with him. The dejected animal finally feels liberated after a short while. His response was totally unexpected. He shows signs of happiness by jerking his paws with excitement.

Now Bandit has been taken to his new home, where he can finally live out the rest of his life in peace. Watch the touching video below!

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