The bulldog had extreme stress and anxiety because his possible adoptive ignored him

The bulldog had extreme stress and anxiety

American bulldog Jack leads a calm existence in Ohio’s Peaches Bully Rescue animal shelter.

He is one month old and very anxious to have the loving family that, due to his health issues, he was never able to have.

Jack has a medical problem called spina bifida in dogs, which not only affects his motor skills but also his biological needs. In order to avoid surprises, he is required to wear a diaper round-the-clock.

He is a happy dog searching for a forever home despite his terrible condition.

Jack had a good reason to believe he was being adopted a few weeks ago since someone contacted the shelter and requested to meet Jack.

In order to help Jack present his best self, the team responsible for caring for him set up a time and location for them to meet. But everything went wrong on Jack’s big day. He never met the one he was destined to live happily with.

His foster team posted on Facebook, “He took a bath, had his fancy harness on, had a fresh diaper, and a dedicated foster team that travelled 40 minutes each way just to end in big disappointment. Jack was very disappointed when his meet and greet person actually turned out to be a no-show, no-call person.

Following this posting, Jack began receiving tens of thousands of toys, gifts, and donations in his name as the number of his followers increased significantly as word of the unfortunate circumstances of the poor man spread.

Several individuals indicated interest in adopting Jack and making good on the unfulfilled promise made by the would-be adopter who never showed.

According to the pet shelter, Jack has gotten up to 200 adoption applications and up to 600 inquiries. Currently, Jack’s rescuers are processing all of these applications, and they plan to set up a meeting with his prospective family members in the upcoming weeks.

The Shelter said that they never imagined how much everyone would adore their child Jack:

“We expect Jack will soon meet his family, and we’ll keep you informed as we locate them over the next few weeks. We appreciate everyone’s assistance in helping us find him a wonderful home.

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