The cat that enjoys going for walks came back one day bearing an interesting note from a neighbor

The cat came back one day bearing an interesting note from a neighbor

Rex was a kitten that Emily Crane adopted from a shelter eight years ago. Rex developed into a very loving cat who eagerly sought out contact with them on any given occasion.

He enjoys being the center of attention. Emily continues, “Especially when they scratch him behind the ear.

Emily made an effort to keep Rex inside, but she eventually started letting him go for little walks outside. She allowed him more freedom after letting him out into the yard first.

Rex began visiting her neighbors during his walks, and they were grateful to have such a sociable cat. But Emily soon learned that Rex had increased the amount of his friendliness.

One day the cat came back from his routine walk carrying a small letter around his neck. It read as follows when Emily spotted it and opened it:

This is your neighbor from the red house, saying “Hello.” We merely wanted to inform you that Rex is having an odd relationship with our bathroom. He entered our home undetected, entered the tub, and sat there. Given how much we adore Rex, we don’t mind. Just so you know, he’s probably sitting in our bathtub if you’re wondering where he went.

When Emily read the note, she claimed that it was difficult for her to control her laughter. She responded by writing a letter to her neighbors and tying it on Rex’s collar, thanking them for their generosity.

Emily is happy that her cat is sociable and proud that he may live in a culture where people are receptive to his love.

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