The charming daughter of Hollywood stars Jolie and Pitt, who wanted to be a boy, recently pleased fans

Here are fresh photos of daughter Jolie, who was going to become a boy.

The charming heiress of the cult actress is in the center of everyone’s attention and attracts the media with her non-standard appearance. The thing is that a completely unique girl dreamed of becoming a boy, but recently she began to wear skirts and dresses, which surprised her fans very much.

Since her parents are highly sought-after and world-famous celebrities, it goes without saying that their children’s lives cannot escape anyone’s attention.

Not so long ago, Shilo asked her subscribers to call her John, which literally shocked netizens, and they could not come to terms with this fact for a long time.

Fans began calling her a “transgender idol” who can’t decide whether she should be a girl or a boy.

And recently, a completely unique girl amazed the audience with her appearance in a ponytail. People just couldn’t believe their eyes.

Recent snaps of the girl, accompanied by her adorable siblings, took the net by surprise, and people couldn’t stop admiring the star’s daughters’ cuteness and uniqueness.

It is known that Shiloh planned to have an operation to become a boy, but due to the pandemic and quarantine, doctors had to delay the process. Thanks to them, the girl now has a lot of time to think carefully about her fatal decision.

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