The couple noticed a parcel abandoned on the road while they were travelling

A parcel abandoned on the road

On their way home from church in Princeton, Texas, Wade Shepp and his wife Mandy observed something that caused them to apply the brakes.

We were moving slowly down a country road when I suddenly spotted a small dog’s head by the side of the road. The majority of the time, farm dogs that you see near a road in the country are doing so or getting ready to do so. The dog was there, unmoving, inside of what appeared to be a bag. I felt like it didn’t make any logic,” stated Wade.

Being huge dog lovers, Wade and Mandy were aware that the dog was in distress. They came to a stop and got out of the vehicle. The situation was gloomy. This tiny dog, which resembled a cross between a dachshund and a poodle, was tied with a rope and then packed into a paper bag filled with food so that only its head protruded from the opening.

“Someone very evil probably did that on purpose. The dog was unable to leave on its own. Even we had to work very hard to get it out of this bag, and we had to shatter the bag with our vehicle keys to do it.

Wade thinks the dog, who was given the name Bubba, was quite terrified since she behaved timidly and shivered and flinched at every human action. She spent at least five to six hours—possibly even longer—in this box, according to Wade and Mandy. There must have been a lot of cars driving past her at this time, yet only they stopped.

She remained still for a while. The unfortunate dog was sitting in the bag, which included both urine and faeces.

The dog was given a warm wash by the Shepps after they brought him home. Bubba finally started to gradually regain her composure as she was washing.

Wade says, “I think she realises we saved her.”

The couple took the dog to the vet the following day, where they encountered yet another unfavourable surprise. It came out that this infant had previously been shot with a pistol, striking her in the front paw. The paw bore the marks of bullets. The cut was at the point where the paw joined the body and had already started to heal a little, so it went unnoticed during cleaning.

Wade speculates that someone attempted to shoot the dog first, but missed, and after failing to do so, they bagged and dumped it by the side of the road.

When Dallas DogRRR, a local dog rescue organisation, learned about Bubba, they offered to take her to their shelter, but the couple opted to keep Bubba until she had recovered fully.

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