The couple raised baby squirrels that had escaped the nest for 70 days

The couple raised baby squirrels

George was travelling to the Denver location of a road pole repair on a typical day at work. He suddenly came across two newborn squirrels that had likely fallen out of their nest and were laying on the ground. He couldn’t leave them there since the infants would inevitably perish if he did.

After bringing the infants home, George and his wife began to breastfeed them. They recorded the entire process on camera and afterwards shared the images on social media under the series name “The Squirrel Project.”

Fred and Ginger were the infants’ names.

It turns out that taking care of squirrels was difficult. They had to read a lot of books and watch a lot of videos online in order to avoid hurting them and do everything right.

The most intriguing aspect is that the pet, a dog named Jiggs, was not careless and actively tried to assist, such as by calling the owners if the infants cried or attempted to crawl.

The white-coat cubs became stronger and started to become used to eating solid food after 30 days.

The creatures had to be reintroduced into their original habitat once another 40 days had passed.

George and Patti brought Fred and Ginger to the park after spending 70 great days with them so they could go back to their real natural habitat.

The couple found it difficult to part with the squirrels because it felt like they were losing a member of their family. They were aware that they were providing the animals with the freedom they required, though.

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