The courageous husky saved the small kittens from certain death

The courageous husky and small kittens

The most devoted and protective guardian for her owner Whitney, who has mobility issues, is the devoted Husky named Banner.

She performs a variety of duties for her darling mistress, including assisting with daily activities, accompanying her on walks in parks, and staying at her side during anxious times.

Banner is incredibly kind and considerate to all around her in addition to all the support and care she shows for Whitney. She demonstrated this by rescuing the small kittens that their owner had abandoned in the forest.

The brave dog saw them and alerted her mistress to what she had seen. The woman then pursued her and discovered the frail and alone critters in a box. They were pulled to their home by the heroic dog using her jaws.

And while the adorable animals were healing, Banner was vigilantly protecting and lovingly caring for them. She adopted the motherly role and cared for them as if they were her adorable newborns.

They will be cared for by Whitney and her darling pet until they begin to grow and find loving homes. For the dog who has a kind and warm soul, this is something admirable and enjoyable.

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