The cunning Chihuahua rode on the back of his Labrador pal and swam

How a Labrador took away a Chihuahua on his back in the sea

Little Tim, a chihuahua, resides with his wonderful Labrador pal Ben and adores spending quality time with him.

Both of the dogs are similarly loved by their 52-year-old owner Jenny Leach, however Tim frequently appeared to be “forgotten.” He began riding Ben in order to appear taller. It quickly developed into a lifelong habit. Ben was older than he was and assumed it. He loved Tim and was incredibly composed and kind. Therefore, the small mischievous youngster was wise to climb on him and not be so exhausted.

Tim then came to the realization that he can swim on the large shaggy Ben without even having his feet wet. At home, Tim enjoys dozing off on Ben’s strong back and then riding him to the kitchen for a bowl of food.

Even better, Tim and Ben have a following of nearly 20,000 on Insta.

Ben has the most generous and loving canine heart. Tim also enjoys being coddled and the center of attention. They get along great as pals. They work well together as a pair.

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